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About us

MANGAN Chvaletice, s.r.o. has long been involved in exploring the potential of using the manganese contained in the tailings of Chvaletice-Trnávka. The material was created as waste from pyrite extraction carried out at the locality from the 1950s to the 1970s. Despite being the greatest source of manganese in the European Union, the tailings have lain abandoned since the end of the extraction activity. Alongside lithium, nickel and cobalt, with the development of electromobility manganese has become one of the key components for the production of lithium-ion batteries.

In 2015, our company MANGAN Chvaletice, s.r.o. obtained a licence for exploration work and since 2016 we have been preparing a project focused on waste material recycling and production of high-purity manganese products. In order to acquire modern technologies and the finances necessary to implement our project we teamed up with a strong and experienced partner, the Canadian company Euro Manganese Inc. Under their auspices and with their full support we are planning to launch the operation of a production plant to recycle manganese from the Chvaletice tailings on the EP Chvaletice site in 2028, after obtaining all the necessary permits.

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O nás

Our aim is to become a major supplier of high-purity manganese products on the European electric vehicle market and to provide our customers with products of the highest quality, with traceable origin, produced without ethical compromise. In this way, we will contribute to Europe's raw material self-sufficiency at a crucial time of structural change in the European energy sector. The strategic importance of the Chvaletice-Trnávka tailings recycling project is also evidenced by its support from the European Commission and the capital investment awarded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to ensure the preparation of the project.

We are thus building a profitable business project with a global outreach while at the same time with the utmost respect for sustainability, basic ethical principles and social responsibility. We believe that it is necessary not only to receive but also to give back, particularly to the local community and consequently to the Czech Republic – by creating new job opportunities, paying regular charges to the municipalities and to the state and by removing the old environmental burden at the tailings pile site.

MANGAN Chvaletice, s.r.o. is seated in Chvaletice, in the Pardubice region. We have 33 employees at present, and up to 400 new jobs will be created after the start of production at our plant.

We are planning to build a modern, commercially successful and environmentally sustainable plant in Chvaletice. A material in high demand, necessary for new technologies, will be obtained from old mining waste. In addition to achieving our economic goals, our company intends to implement proper rehabilitation of the area and thus contribute to the improvement of the environment in this locality.

Jan Votava, Chief Executive Officer of MANGAN Chvaletice, s.r.o.

Our Values


We are solutions focused and strive to deliver every time


We live up to our ethics and principles and respect each other, our communities and our partners


We hold ourselves accountable for meeting our commitments


We move quickly and work together to make the most of every opportunity


We care about the health, safety, and wellbeing of our people, communities and environment