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For MANGAN Chvaletice, environmental sustainability is a natural part of all our activities. Our goal is to build a modern, commercially viable and ecologically sustainable plant in Chvaletice that will be highly respected and valued by the local community and its customers, among other things because of the principle of the circular economy on which the entire project is built. The low carbon footprint of this project complies with European goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Using the extraction waste from the previous mining activity means a considerably lower environmental burden than from exploiting other sources of manganese suitable for the battery industry. Our innovative technological process is based on commercially available technologies which we have adapted for the production of high- purity manganese products from the tailings of Chvaletice.

Safety and health

Human life and health – these are the most precious things we have. To protect them, our actions are based on the fact that the vast majority of injuries are caused by human behaviour.

MANGAN Chvaletice’s most important safety and health objectives are:

  1. Build an injury-preventing culture – a “zero injuries” policy
  2. Engage all employees in the safety management system
  3. Focus on the habits, mind-set, attitudes and reactions of workers – whether they are employees, suppliers or customers
  4. Minimize the risk of damage to employee health and loss of life
  5. Minimize economic losses by reducing the potential for major incidents

The environment 

The intention of our company MANGAN Chvaletice is to recycle the extraction waste together with continuous rehabilitation of the entire area of the tailings. The existing structures and methods for securing the tailings, built during pyrite extraction in the last century, correspond to practices and technical capabilities that were common at the time. These methods for depositing extraction waste do not comply with today’s requirements for the security of deposition sites. In particular, major problems with the existing tailings are posed by harmful materials leaching into the subsoil, groundwater and the Elbe River, and also by tailings materials being carried away by wind and water erosion. Laboratory analyses performed during 2015 to 2017 showed excess concentrations of harmful materials in the groundwater as well as in the surface water throughout the site, including domestic wells in nearby communities.

ZAs clearly indicated by the conclusions of a preliminary assessment of environmental impacts, no impacts were assessed as significantly unfavourable or as preventing the implementation of our project. On the contrary, some impacts related to the natural aspects of the area are assessed as favourable to potentially favourable in the phase following reclamation and rehabilitation of the tailings. Impacts on water quality and purity of the soil and the rock environment were assessed as potentially favourable. The impact on natural resources was assessed as clearly favourable. This is because our project concerns recycling extraction waste which also saves primary natural raw material being potentially extracted at another locality. Energy demands for the use of material pre-processed in this way are markedly lower than for extracting manganese from primary sources.

At present, the inaccessible area of the tailings can hardly be used at all for any activities of the local community. Therefore we would like to undertake proper reclamation of the entire area after removing the material from the tailings.

Minimizing impacts of the activities on the environment

One of our priorities is to minimize the impacts of our activities on the environment. Based on the documentation, opinions filed with respect to the documentation, public discussions and the expert statement, the Ministry of the Environment will issue a binding opinion concerning the assessment of project impacts on the environment. In its concurring EIA opinion, the Ministry will determine the conditions that must be observed in the phases of project preparation, construction and operation, as well as the conditions for the operation termination phase in order to prevent, exclude, reduce and/or compensate any unfavourable impacts on the environment. The EIA opinion will be sent not only to our company but also to any affected authorities and local government units; it will be published on the Internet and on official notice boards of the communities and of the region. The EIA opinion is of a binding nature and serves as a basis for decisions in subsequent proceedings. The authorities conducting such subsequent proceedings must follow the EIA opinion in their decisions.

Social responsibility

MANGAN Chvaletice is committed to conducting all of its activities in a consistent manner, in accordance with the highest ethical and moral standards and while observing all applicable laws, rules and regulations, as well as in compliance with the needs and expectations of our shareholders.

Our principles

We are fair in our conduct

It is very important for us that our employees act honestly and fairly with our business partners, suppliers, competitors and other third parties.

Conflict of interest

We seek to avoid situations that might be perceived as a conflictual or that could potentially cause a conflict.

Respect and tolerance

Our company does not tolerate any discrimination, intimidation or harassment on the basis of race, colour, age, sex, sexual orientation, family status, physical or mental disability, national or ethnic origin or religion. Our employees have the right to work in an environment where their dignity, rights, needs and individual differences are respected.

Environmental standards

All business activities must be carried out in accordance with the protection of the environment and human health, they must minimize any impact on the ecosystem and lead to environmental recovery of all the places where the project is implemented. All this must be in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations of the Czech Republic.

Health and safety

The company will ensure safe and healthy working conditions at all of its sites and the adherence to all applicable laws and regulations governing occupational safety and health protection.

Benefit for the local community

All activities of the company will be carried out while respecting the local community, its economic and social needs.

Company diversity

MANGAN Chvaletice is aware of the importance of diversity in its broadest sense. We support diversity in terms of experience (education, skills, knowledge), demographics (age, sex, ethnic origin, nationality) as well as personal characteristics (traits, interests, values). Our aim is to create such conditions within the company that will enable all people, irrespective of their individual differences, to fully develop their personal potential. The company employs people from all over the world and diverse cultures and appreciates their unique skills, experience as well as different opinions. We are aware that precisely this diverse employee structure contributes to the overall development of the company. We respect and appreciate the different opinions, experiences and cultural differences of our employees, and we take them into account in the process of hiring new employees. The recruitment of new employees must be based on experience measured according to objective criteria without any discrimination of anyone for any reason.