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Rules for submitting suggestions and complaints

MANGAN Chvaletice, s.r.o. ("the Company") is committed to the highest standards of openness, honesty and accountability. Our goal is to ensure that anyone can share their views, positive or negative, about our company with us.

Further, this policy is an unequivocal statement that if any wrongdoing by the Company or any of its employees or contractors is identified and reported to the Company, the matter will be promptly addressed and thoroughly investigated and corrected. The Company will further investigate and implement measures to ensure that such misconduct is prevented in the future.

Definition of a complaint

Complaints are those submissions by which the complainant seeks protection of his/her subjective rights and seeks redress in his/her own interest. A complaint contains actual or alleged misconduct, the validity or otherwise of which must be verified by a thorough and objective investigation.

These rules are intended for entities outside the company.

Detailed instructions for the Company's employees on how to proceed with suggestions or complaints are contained within the "MANGAN CHVALETICE COMPANY POLICIES" document, which each employee is made aware of immediately upon joining the Company.

What the suggestion or complaint should contain:

  • name, surname, residence, (address for delivery), contact details of the whistleblower (e-mail, telephone);
  • a description of the essential circumstances of the problem, in the case of a complaint, what you are complaining about and what you are seeking as a complainant, or which of your rights have been violated and how.

You can also submit your suggestions or complaints anonymously, i.e. without giving your name and address. If the nature of suggestions or complaints does not allow for anonymous submission, the whistleblower should be informed of this before an investigation is launched, if this is possible given the unlisted contacts.

How you can make suggestions or complaints:

  • Through the form provided on the company's website: Contact form (link).
  • In writing by letter sent by post to the address of the company.
  • By electronic mail to the company's e-mail address: info@mn25.cz, whistleblower@mn25.ca.
  • Data box via the information system of data boxes operated by the Czech Post, s.p. The company's data box ID is 96vrejb.
  • By personal delivery to the address of MANGAN Chvaletice, s.r.o., U Kulturního domu 158, 533 12 Chvaletice (in the presence of a representative of the company, by handing the complaint or complaint into his hands or by placing it in the company's mailbox on the ground floor of the cultural centre).

The procedure for dealing with complaints or complaints:

The Company will always respond to your suggestions or complaints. The reported suggestions or complaints may be of a complexity or adequacy:

(a) investigated by management, the Board of Directors, through an internal audit or through disciplinary action,

(b) referred to the police,

(c) referred to an external auditor or external legal counsel,

(d) subject to an independent investigation.

In order to protect individuals and persons accused of wrongdoing or possible misconduct, an initial enquiry will be held to decide whether an on-site investigation into the matter can be conducted and, if so, to determine the form of the investigation. Some allegations may be resolved by agreement on a possible way forward without the need for an investigation. If any urgent steps need to be taken, they will be taken before the investigation is initiated.

Within ten working days, the responsible manager shall provide the whistleblower with a written acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint or complaint.

In the case of a complaint, the responsible officer shall forward to the whistleblower:

  • information on how it proposes to deal with the matter,
  • an estimate of how long it will take to provide a response,
  • whether any initial enquiries have been made,
  • whether further investigation will take place and, if not, for what reason.

In order for the company to provide the whistleblower with confidence that the matter will be properly resolved, the whistleblower should always receive the results of any investigation in the event of a complaint, subject of course to possible legal constraints.

The Company will ensure that no one in the Company imposes sanctions or causes harm to the person who reported suggestions or complaints.

The Company will respect the confidentiality of the suggestions or complaints if the whistleblower requests confidentiality. However, it is important to note that the follow-up and verification of suggestions or complaints will be easier if the whistleblower is prepared to give his/her name.

If the suggestions or complaints is found to be substantiated or partially substantiated, the necessary measures will be taken to remedy the deficiencies identified.

Your personal information will only be used for the purpose of responding. For more information, see principles of processing personal data