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Western Balkans government delegation at the Demonstration Plant

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Last week, the Conference on Raw Material Security of the Visegrad Four and the Western Balkans took place in Prague. As part of its EU Presidency, the Czech Republic has pledged to strengthen the EU's raw material security. The EU is aware of the need to protect against possible misuse of suppliers of strategic and, in particular, critical minerals.

The conference took place in Prague at the beginning of October and aimed to strengthen the different stages of the European mineral supply chain, diversify imports of critical raw materials into the EU and reduce its dependence on individual suppliers.

On this occasion, our Demonstration Plant was visited by a delegation from the Western Balkan countries, who were very impressed by our technology for the production of high-purity manganese products, the proactive involvement of our company in communication with local communities and the project's placement in the renewable energy sector and the electric vehicle industry.